FS yyr, yyf,yyj, hspin, clyw!!! great buys!


hey guys,
im letting go of some of my favorite throws to try and get a descent laptop, so unfortunately these are stictly only for sale. im not at home, so ill have pics up by tomorrow. all except the genesis, pyro and peak are mint but played. all prices shipped

yyr sleipnir-blue…130
yyf yuji superstar…85 pending
yyf purple rain genesis… 70(1-2 small dings)
yyj phenomizm-yellow- 55
hspin pyro…50 (forgot number, two hundred sumthing. pics up soon)
clyw peak… 50 (all raw except irg and inner wall. plays great…was originally the wolf lake ed.)

that about does it. i may put some more up later, not sure tho. thanks for looking! pls… only pm me if interested


I’ll take the Yuji Superstar . IS it mint with boxes ?


So can you get pictures up soon i might get that pyro

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