FS: Yoyo Collection 2Sick, G2, YYF, and more. Offers accepted

Hey guys, selling my collection so I can further invest into my music business.

There are 4 yoyos that got dinged from play. 2 of them are considered B-Grades off of how they spin. They are the 2Sick yoyo and the YoYoFriends yoyo. Also Ill be honest in that I forgot the name of some of these yoyos but if there is one that particularly catches your eye dont be afraid to message me or ask here. The only ones I know I have the names of for sure are:

iYoYo Steel (SOLD)
One Drop Rebirth
2SickYoYo Celestial Blitz (Dinged and B-grade)
G2 Banshee 2018
C3 Galaxy Driver
C3 Vanitas
C3 Radius 7068 (Dinged)
YYF Shutter BiMetal
YYF Shutter Wide
YYF Edge Beyond
YYF Edge Ultimatum (Dinged)
YYF Marco Polo
YYF Horizon
YYF Singularity
YYF BiMetal
YYF 9 Dragons
Spin Time El Presidente
TopYo Dominator
TopYo CheapSkate
TopYo Colossus
YoYoFriend Perigrine (Dinged and B Grade)
Magic YoYo Hot Digitty
Vosun EZSpin III
Throwback Arcade

The ones I forgot the model names but know the brands are:
TopYo (2nd row, 2nd yoyo)

I will update those names when I find my receipts for them


YYF Nine Dragons.

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One drop Rebirth Blue Ultra lights, I don’t know the colorway name though.


Between the Edge and Hotdiggidy is a “TopYo: NUIT” it’s a AWESOME yoyo for the price point!! Definitely an underrated gem in the “budget” category!!!


That’s a beautiful collection! All galactic and shiny :star_struck:

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