FS: Yellow cut, DBYY Slayve EKG, Red/black splash BOSS--cheap!

Okay, So I want to buy a couple of throws so I am selling some yoyos.

Red/Black splash boss-- $50-- it has some dings, but it is smooth on the string.  Comes with a hybrid ceramic bearing.

DBYY Slayve EKG-- $75 dollars.  This yoyo does not have too many dings, but it does have a vibe. I think a new bearing would make it play amazingly.

HSpin Cut, Yellow-- 70 dollars.  This yoyo is in amazing shape, it has 2 dings from a non-spinning drop that you can feel, but it plays like its brand new.  I also have the extra axle and replacement ghost pads.

I would be willing to sell all of these yoyos together for 150 bucks, which is a super great deal.  I want a couple new yoyos and I need to thin my collection out a bit because my case is full.


I think that link will work to check out the photos.  if not, klet me know.