FS: various yoyos (YYF, Hspin)

Free shipping if order total is over 40$. if not, please add 5$ for shipping. conus only
row 1: left to right
unprld ignition (pink) - some minor dings/scuffs, some vibe - TRADED
basecamp jackknife (blue) - barely visible marks, stock vibe 45$
One Drop Cafe racer (black) - one major ding but no other marks, some vibe Sold

row 2: left to right
YYF horizon (black/silver) - couple dings on the black half, minimal vibe TRADE
alleycat 650b (silver) - lots of scuffs and super beat but still a fun responsive throw SOLD
HSPIN Icon (blue/silver) - small bearing, has some marks and scuffs, some vibe 20$
YYF czechmate (gold/black) - B-grade for anno and vibe, 12$
yoyoformula K5 (black/red splash) - SOLD

row 3: left to right
zeekio spin cycle (blue) - no outer damage, but the axle was stripped when trying to convert to unresponsive so it can only take responsive bearings 10$
YFF replay pro (yellow WYYC edition) - SOLD
MYY node (unicorn splash) - SOLD
yoyoformula F0 - MIB, responsive - SOLD



Thanks for a great transaction @skarlath60, yoyo was exactly as advertised. He even waited a couple extra days to ship so it wouldn’t sit in my mailbox over the weekend while I was out of town (of course USPS managed to ship from Cali to Florida in two days so the efforts were futile).

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