FS: various yoyos

Prices are shipped in the conus only. If paying GnS please add for fees. Will accept trades. If you’re interested in anything just let me know and I’ll send you closeup pics of any of the yoyos

row 1 left to right:
zeekio spin cycle: 13$ no outer damage. stripped the axle seat when trying to convert to unresponsive so it can only take a responsive bearing
hspin icon: 22$ dings and damage on the outside. Has vibe
topyo colossus V: 25$ has minor scuffs, smooth
yoku friend 7005: 20$ brand new. hasn’t left the box SOLD

row 2 left to right:
C3 radius nexus: 32$ small marks that don’t affect play. smooth
vosun ezspin: 25$ no damage. smooth
duncan origami: 32$ no damage. smooth
YYf Glow wedge: 15$ brand new. Hasn’t been unboxed

row 3 left to right:
YYF b-grade czechmate: 16$ b-grade for anno flaws. SOLD
YYF loop 720: 7$ addon with another yoyo
one drop SK: 30$ has a ding and a bit of vibe. SOLD
YYF ND: 23$ no damage. originally had pulse vibe but I was able to tune it down to fingernail vibe


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