SOLD /Still Looking: OD

I’m looking mainly for a trade or two, but I will sell. Only two here that I’m not using.

Hspin Icon Blue/Silver, Hspin core series Stefan Benjamin sig yoyo Really good shape, a couple small marks. extra axle + response pads $55 SOLD

Yoyo Factory Popstar pink/green, Mint, I can’t find a flaw with this yoyo, solid little throw. one pad is split, plays great but extra red response pads included$25 SOLD

$5 USA flat rate shipping only please

I’m looking for, and will be willing to pay extra for any difference on trade, I will do my best to respond to any offers on the following:
One Drop
Project 2
Y Factor
Markmont Next
Woolly Markmont
Lab experiments

you can offer clyw, x3 stampede, c3 halo, darkstar

Thanks for looking!