LF: Yomega Ooch Smoov & Groov, Kerrari FT/FS: HSpin Icon

For Trade/Sale:
[s]MarkMont Next 40$ - Shipped/s
HSpin Icon 45$ - Shipped
[s]Foxland Precision Katz Meow 35$ - Shipped/s

Yomega Ooch Groov*****
Yomega Ooch Smoov*****
Yomega Dash (2012 C-Size Bearing Edition)*****
Yomega Kerrari*****
Duncan Metal Zero*****
Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1*****
Yomega Blazer***
Yomega Maverick (2012 C-Size Bearing Edition)***
Shinwoo Zen 2***

Don’t Want:
Anything that’s not in my want list
Don’t try to sell me anything.

FS/FT - HSpin Icon: Near mint, few 5a marks cause by previous owner, needs new pads. Looking for 45$ Shipped

Are any of them stripped are responsive ?

Bump, 54 is the only yoyo left. Someone please offer it’s amazing.

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Bump - Come grab this awesome Onedrop 54!

Bump - CLYW Sasquatch is now also for sale or trade!

Bump - Sasquatch is gone!

Bump - 54 is still up for sale or trade (45$ shipped)

Bump - Don’t offer to sell me a MN or any other yoyo, only looking to trade not buy.

Bump - I have 2 MarkMont Nexts up for trade looking for Anti-Yo!

Bump - Have 2 MarkMont NEXTs and one C3 Token

Anti-Yo Ywet
Foxland Precision Katz Meow
ILYY Josy-Ann
ILYY Trvth

Bump, MarkMonts are for sale 45$ each or 90$ for both!