FS Updated list G2, OD, Duncan, YYF

Prices are shipped USPS priority within the CONUS, payable by Paypal Friends & Family. Will do deals on multiple throws. All have been thrown but are undamaged unless specified, can send more pictures if you want.

G2 Banshee18 $100

G2 OC $45 (has a few pinpricks and flatspots)

YYF Shutter bi-metal $100

One Drop MM2 $90 (have box but original bearing went out so it has a random concave installed)

Duncan Orbital GTX $60

Duncan Haymaker X $60

Smashing Yoyos Poppet $60

Smashing Yoyos Bounce $40 (2 dings that break ano)

Ace Yo Live $25

MYY Hot Diggity $25

YYF Gen Xs $25 (matching dings on each rim)

Topyo Photon $25 (one rim scratched on outside, same rim is unseated 1mm or less)

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im new to yoyos, hows the photon and gen x?

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They’re undersized throws and to me they play pretty normally just a little less power and a little less stable than a full sized throw. Sacrificing a little performance for pocket friendliness

how did you find me…

Bump, updooted list