OD Code2, Mowl M+ and more

Prices are shipped in the US, payable by Paypal F&F. Throws are undamaged unless sated otherwise and most are siliconed with permatex grey. feedback thread here BindWithMe

:arrow_up:OD Code2 $90 has a few light marks

:arrow_up:Mowl M+ $90

:arrow_up:OD Bundle $45
Vanguard, has a dinger
Terrarian mint w/box but siliconed response

:arrow_up: Orange H bundle $40
Radical Seas Set Sail
Smashing Yoyos Bounce, has dings

:arrow_up:Rainbow Bundle $45
C3 Speehaholic max B grade
Aceyo Live

:arrow_up:Splashy Bundle $45
Recess Diplomat
G2 OC, few dings/pinpricks

Runner bundle $40
Duncan Windrunner
Duncan Roadrunner






im new to yoyos, hows the photon and gen x?

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They’re undersized throws and to me they play pretty normally just a little less power and a little less stable than a full sized throw. Sacrificing a little performance for pocket friendliness

how did you find me…

Bump, updooted list



Whats this?

That’s a g2 oc

Bump only a handful left to go, if you have something cool to trade send me a dm



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@BindWithMe is legit, buy with confidence… free bump my guy!

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That klondike looks incredible! If I didn’t already spend my whole yoyo budget earlier this month I’d be all over that, but I hope the trade goes well!

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Guy backed out of the trade, all good though I don’t think either of us were 100% on it from the start. I know I’ll regret getting rid of it but I really don’t need two since I got a Wild.