Some throws FS

Some for sale. Paypal G&S and will be shipped USPS with tracking.

FYI, I don’t keep up with values and some of these are old so make offers if you want anything.

YYR Overdrive Draupnir - MIB - Thrown to check it out and make sure it was smooth and the same as my other. It is. $170

C3 H5 Higby edition - Used with 1 tiny scrape you can’t feel and barely see. I couldn’t get it to show in a photo but it’s on the rim on the top side shot. Smooth and big yoyo with Higbys art. $100

Duncan Grasshopper GTX - NMTBS - Barely played. Some tiny shine marks on the rims in a couple of spots. It was like this new. $55

YYF KO - NMTBS - Barely played. $45

IYY Tequila - NMTBS - This one has had real tequila poured in it for pictures. Barely played. Sold

YYF Skyline LasVegas edition - NMTBS - Barely played. $40

YYF Too Hot Prototype - NMTBS - $40

Muse yoyo iirc - Small mark on rim from a ring and smooth - $40


DM’ing rn


I bought this yoyo to take this picture. I ate the donuts, but you can still buy the yoyo.


Yooooo…sick photo!!!

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Trades are limited but here they are -
The end 2 or part 2 or whatever it is.
Ti vayder, raw preferred to anodize after I get back into it, who knows when
Kanto by DD, pre production I guess. They say pokeball, I say boobie. :heart_eyes:


Top it up.

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