FS: Unique Yoyojoker Trancer

(Bína) #1

This year I’m moving to other side of the world, so I’m selling pretty much all of my Yoyo collection.

I’m interested in NO trades.
I can ship worldwide. To USA it’s 6$, takes about week and can be tracked.

Open to price negotiation

Yoyojoker Trancer
35 USD

Yomega Prodigy
Shallow damage on one half
35 USD

Yoyofficer Nifty
Mint in box
Frantisek Bina edition, can be signed if you wish

35 USD

C3 Krown

Heavily played, lots of small damage on rims. Still plays great with some vibe.
40 USD

(Bína) #2

Dietz reserved

(Bína) #3

Added 3 yo-yos

(Bína) #5

More items sold.

(Bína) #7

OK Guys, taking any reasonable offers, everything must go.

(Bína) #10

Up, some price added.

(Bína) #11

Dang sold

(Bína) #12

Seriously, help me get rid of these. Taking offers.

(Bína) #14

Taking offers on price, shipping worldwide.

(Bína) #16

Trancer sold

(Bína) #18

Christmas discount? :slight_smile:

(Bína) #20

Again for sale

(Bína) #22

(Bína) #26

Crayon sold to USA

(Bína) #29

Added more yo-yos.


How much for the yoyo officer collection

(Bína) #39


Up to offers for the yoyofficer collection.


Very interested. Let me know price asap !!!

(system) #42