FS: Throwing Sideways Beanie and Sistine (bundle deal)

Have the below for sale. Prices are shipped USPS CONUS via PayPal F&F. Please add appropriate fees if paying via G&S. CONUS only, please.

Looking to move a couple of Throwing Sideways yos. They are duplicates that never see play. Both mint with boxes and all extras (stickers, etc.). These ship via USPS First Class unless you want to pay more for a different service.

Beanie $30.
Sistine $35.
Bundle these two for $50 shipped.

Here’s my feedback thread if you have concerns about doing business via PayPal F&F: Roy_Dodge Feedback


Hey Roy…… I’ve heard good things about that “Hero” by Circle city yoyo…. Did you like it or ?


I do like it, but just don’t find myself picking it up often for whatever reason. Honestly not throwing much anymore anyway, so it’s a casualty of “too many throws, not enough time.”


Take both the Beanie and Sistine for $45 shipped CONUS via PayPal F&F.


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