FS: Peregrine, Deduction, Cheap Bundle!

Got a move coming up so I thought I’d offset some expenses (and save some space) by selling a few lesser-used throws. Prices include PayPal G&S fees. Add a flat $5 for shipping any amount of yoyos to the continental US. For folks outside the US we can work out the shipping arrangements via private messages.

Everything is NMTBS, with less than two hours of play, unless otherwise noted. Everything comes with original packaging and two Kitty First Class (Fat - White) strings plus whatever is currently attached to the yoyo. I have extra pics of individual throws for interested parties, just don’t want to bog down this thread with my shoddy photography skills :slight_smile:

  • R2FG Deduction (Black) - $100
  • YoYoFriends Peregrine (Dark Red) - $100
  • YYF Edge Beyond NeNe Edition (Black/Silver Fade W/ Silver Rims) - Sold
    Bundle - Everything below for $200!
  • 66% Pyro (Black) - $90
  • YYF Atlas (Blue Splash) w/ Counterweight - $45
  • Yicheng Luo L1 Hurricane Retro (Black) - $70
  • IYoYo NightMoves X Clear - $40 - Pending
  • Treeline (Scout) 3/15 - $50 - Pending
  • Magic Yoyo Variant (Black) - Free if you buy two or more throws

I have feedback! It’s good! @PartyMark


Do you still have the pdx yo bastquatch 7068.