FS/FT - Thorn, Kraken - 50 shipped each!

Hey everyone. Got a couple brand new throws that I would like to get rid of, plus a Beanie for sale. Mostly looking to sell, but interested in a few things.

Looking for (mint or near mint, boxes preferred):
OD Intro
OD Nitro
Maybe OD T1 20/20
New YYF Skyline
Maybe 7075 yoyos
CLYW Beater
Looking for cool 888s as well

All pics: Yoyo3 - Google Drive

One Drop Kraken: Mint in Box. Very nice, just not my thing. $50 shipped to US

One Drop Thorn. Mint in Box. Same thing on this one, very nice but just not for me. $50 shipped to US

Throwing Sideways and Friends Beanie - NM, no box - $15 Free w/Purchase
I bought this a while back because I wanted to buy a yoyo and the store had one haha. Cool shape, but the response is pretty slippy in its current state. Has a center track (or a similar off-brand) in it now. I may have siliconed it as well, I honestly do not remember. I did not find any marks or anything on it.

Thanks for looking. Good to be here!




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