What I have available:

Japan Tech - Kamui - (latest version) Most popular offstring throw used in previous (Japanese) competitions.

Japan Tech - Rera - Best offstring you’ll ever own.
Absolute BEAST - I’ve thrown virtually every offstring available and I must say the Rera (I paid $170us from yoyorewind) is an absolute monster and is ideal for both beginners and advanced users.

Both Japan Tech throws are hand-crafted DELRIN. They are built to last and continue to retail for $150-$170 each.

Bigyo: Orange. Plays perfectly, but has some minor dings. :wink:

Duncan Hayabusa SL - also plays very smoothly, has some minor marks.

Henrys Viper Neo XL. The heaviest offstring I’ve come across! Weighs 110 gram and is hand-made in GERMANY. Very rare - amazing spin times. Very Near mint.

The infamous ReXtreme (YYJ). MiB.

YYJ: Equinox. MiB.

YYJ Fiesta XX MiB.

Windforce (made of Delin) MiB.


Freehand 2 with FHZ caps, silicon recessed response. Extremely rare Directly from Werrd.

YYF: DV888 - some dings, very smooth.

About 80x 100% poly green highlighters. + about a dozen cotton strings.
I have a few NYLON strings - they practically sparkle, very unusual coloring but great feel.

Thin+Thick lube from YYJ.

Konkave bearing: Size A - MiB.

[b]Yes, I am a trustworthy seller. My eBay profile (pm me) + YYN feedback rating is 100%. O0

PM me with any questions - Make an offer ! Paypal/cash ONLY.[/b]

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