FS/T: Deadly SpINS, C3, TenYoYo, YYR: Want $$$, Sturm Panzer, YYR


Looking to offload a few yoyos that don’t earn enough play from me. These are all amazing yoyos that play smooth as butter but I’ve been slimming down my collection and these don’t get enough play time. I’m mainly looking to sell but will entertain certain trades. As always I am willing to give package deal discounts if multiples are bought. Prices do inlude shipping within the US…for international add $10.

DS Pride Prototype: This is a rare prototype of the Pride. This was the first version which has quite a few differences from the production run. These imo outplayed the production. There are not many of these and to my knowledge around 5. Comes in a really nice anodize and plays very smooth. Only damage is a super small pinprick that’s hard to find because of ano. $80

DS Pride: Production run 6061 that I had custom anodized in an emerald green color. Has some minor ano flaws and maybe one pinprick but overall really nice condition. Plays really well and is a solid yoyo that doesn’t get enough praise. $70

YYR Overdrive 2: Super big, fun, light yoyo that really kills tricks. One of YYRs best models and a fan favorite. Unengraved too. Has one light ano scuff that is very small. Plays really smooth. $80

TenYoYo Bebop: One of my favorite yoyos to come out recently. This is a really dope yoyo that really deserves more play. Super smooth in some sweet bape colors. Closest thing to real bape colors you can get. It has one super tiny Flatspot on the rim. $65

C3 Trident: Most underrated yoyo ever. This is simply a midsized beast and is one of my smoothest yoyos. It has some marks on the rims but nonetheless one killer yoyo. The coral color is so nice as well.$40

Sturm Panzer Mk2 Shneider (Blue)(I will trade nicely for it, have other things to trade)
Shu-ta :slight_smile:
Markmont Classic
Berserker SS (Purple/black acid or blue acid)
JetSet EC or EG