FS/T Blue M1 | LF RecRev I, L3, 3YO3, P2, MarkMont

I’ve got a blue pad M1 for sale or trade. I’m looking for $40 shipped. It’s got a few small love marks, nothing major. Also a couple times while I’ve been playing wih it it has fallen apart. Not sure the cause of this. Has 1 gen pad installed. Also comes with 4 weight rings and has the original nut capture. Pending fo RecRev I

RecRev I
Anything 3YO3
Project 2
Just Offer

Thanks for looking, Contagon

I have one!!

not overly sure, but i might trade my i for it. i do have a P2, but it is new and i am not willing to trade it for a used yoyo half the price.

anyways, the i is silver base with orange splash. looks gold when spinning. pretty smooth. the silicone has worn out so i had to replace it myself, but i did a good job. not as good as Alex Kim, but good. one or two microscopic scratches.

i may back out, but if we have a stable agreement and are about to ship, i am not going to pull out then. also, i have never traded/bought through any websight (on BST, i do buy on the shop section) so i have no experience and may have to be walked through the proccess

are you going to NER cuz im not allowed to ship but ill do it there for the meteor or the dv888

You have what?

No, I’m not.

Pm’ed and now Pending!

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