Fs / some rare CLYWs . One drop nickel dang and lots of other nice stuff .

Having a little case clear out . I’m hoping to sell most of these rather then
Trade . Please contact me vai pm with offers cheers . Maybe wants are : cliff , bassalope

CYRO arctic circle 2nd run MIB I think I saw mark from factory but its very hard to find it passes of more or less mint to my standards. Plays Perfectly smooth: SOLD

Alec Campbell chief MIB one tiny ano burn which is impossible to find as it looks like part of the acid wash . It’s mint by my standards plays perfectly smooth: offer

Rare 1/1 nickel clyw marmot . It’s electroplated hard nickel mint and smooth. Not the best grind surface has a tiny vibe on the grind because of the finish. Slight tarnished . Can be polished : a nice offer

Nickel dang one drop soda last and nickel . I have coke tarnished the inner cups can be polished out but it looks class like this . It comes with red spikes not the sF in the picture . $100 Ono

Rec rev facade has some pin pricks after it fell out my pocket . But you can’t hardly see them its a great go throw still good condition plays super smooth but has some very small factory vibe on grinds. Some would debate me on that me say its smooth but hay plays fab - offer or can add on multiple deal

Other things

Collectible Duncan cold fusion has some light play marks . Comes with all the extras in the Tin packaging . Offer pics on request.

And a proyo ace small very undersized metal rare : offer pics on request

Thanks for looking.

ill trade somethinng for the sasquatche

Post new year bump

ill trade you a rare two tone project 1 (rumored that someone switched yoyo halfs on its productions) + cash for your clyw sas?