FS: SB Bassalope (hot pink), SB Genesis LF: Cash, offer

Well, it’s down to these three. This will likely be my last BST on any of the forums. That being said, I’m not looking for lowballs. There are very few yoyos I’m looking for. You can try to offer trades, but don’t get upset if I don’t accept.

Today, I have these 3 yoyos to sell or trade.


[s]First up, my beat to heck SB Genesis. Rims are scuffed and silver, but the dings were sanded down. The silver rings on the sides where there when I received it. There is a slight vibe, but it’s still my fav yoyo that I have. Because of that, I’ll be asking a little more for it, as I don’t mind keeping it. I’m not looking to trade this one unless it goes with the bass.

$46 shipped[/s]

Bent the axle, so I’m taking it off

Main Damage V
Next is my SB Hot Pink Bassalope. Great yoyo right here. Has a CT in it. There is a small part that has 3 scratches (pictured), 2 tiny flat spots, and random pin pricks around. It’s got a slight vibe, but nothing serious. It has duncan friction stickers, as that’s what I got. It is engraved. I think these are kind of rare now, so I’ll just say offer.

$86shipped or offer trade

I also have this modded speedmaker. it’s been reshaped. I just don’t use it. I will NOT sell alone, so please don’t ask.
Deal sweetener.

U.S. Only
Please note, I will not be shipping first if you have less feedback than me.
I cannot add cash to trades
I have 20 feedback on YYN

Cash (main priority)
ILYY Zwei (haha would give all 3)
Galactic Goose
Peak (haha, all 3 for a winter green in good condition+)
Avalanche (bass+Gen)
Raiden Gen2
CYYC Manimal (grey w/ green only)
feel free to offer

Hot Pink Bassalope, looks like the color Sebby was throwing at worlds(grumble grumble should’ve won murmur murmur)…just saying.


I might want the bassalope!

I might want the bassalope!

Sebby wasn’t throwing a CLYW at worlds :slight_smile:

Twas a chief

Twas a yoyorecreation since he’s not on CLYW

Sorry, it’s gone, and this bst is now done