This is my pathetic collection ATM.I could put any more pictures upon request.

NOTE:The above picture is just dusty, the only marks are on the bottom-left portion of the yoyo.

First Row(from left to right):PENDINGThrowback Genesis +, couple marks.not much
Too Epic to lose!

Popstar.beater GONE

Small Bearing some pricks but not much else.the 2 biggest marks are shown.I warn you now: if you silicone this, it will either fall out or wear down real fast.actually buying the ipadz (which are super hard to find) is your best bet.

FH2.i siliconed it, not the best idea.responsive and has a center trac. It’s too good to trade!

Second row:I believe these are variations of fireballs (for 2a) from a long time ago.i’d let these go super cheap.

Just guess.only one noticable scuff on both’s the dark one.mostly color, but a slight scuffy feel

A Case!!! Need one bad
Phenom(or -izm) or Night Moves 5
Modded FHZs
Custom Painted FHCs
YYJ Destiny (when it’s released)
YYJ Bearing Counterweights (also, when their released)
YYJ Bi-Metals idk why, just want them.especially Hitman Pro
YYF SuperStar
String (need a lot more)

bassalope is pending

i have a wm

I don’t follow.

and when i posted in your bst, i thought it said you had bad.


my bad for not updating.ordered a new case this morning :smiley:

oh. lol nevermind then.

How much for the POPstar

not much.maybe $13-15.its a beater.