FS: **Price Drop**Pro, Pistolero, Selkie, Heavy Hitter 3, Bonfire


First things first.

I only accept payment through Paypal.

I only ship within the United States.

Prices include FIRST CLASS shipping with tracking. If you want priority, you will have to pay for it.

no trades unless it’s for an Irony JP, an Overdrive, an isotope 2, or a Fragment. I’m also looking for a RED Barracuda! Only red, though. Another Fruiture would be nice, too, if it’s RED or Blue.



Green/Yellow acid wash. This thing has been with me for quite some time, and it’s time to pass it on. Has a tiny vibe, comes with the box. Has 1 ding, a few mild flat spots and a faint scuff. $50 shipped

Worst damage:

SPYY Pistolero

Silver production run Pistolero. Has a small vibe, and a few tiny flat spots. Doesn’t have the box. Plays excellent!! $55 shipped

King Yo Spin Chronicle

Prototype version. Plays very well, and made by a friend of mine, Arthur Foley. This throw reminded me of something Yoyorecreation would make with how well it plays. It’s a shame these don’t get the attention they deserve. It has a few nicks here and there, no dings or anything. No box. $65 $55 shipped.

Chico Heavy Hitter 3.

Smooooooooth. It’s a great yoyo, but I haven’t used it much. It’s only been thrown for maybe and hour total. Mint with the box. $50 shipped

Radical Seas Selkie (Prototype)

This is the prototype version of the soon to be released Selkie from the up and coming company Radical Seas. This is and Awesome yoyo! It was shipped to me with 2 minor scratches and hasn’t gained any other damage in the time I had it. It’s a pretty quick and zippy yoyo, and I’m looking forward to the production version $70 shipped

Worst damage:

CLYW Bonfire

Norther Lights colorway. This is such an awesome color to look at in person. This is the 3rd bonfire I’ve own (currently own 2), and as much as I love this yoyo, I don’t need 2 of them. It does not have the box and has 3 or 4 minor flat spots that do not go through this beautiful color. It’s currently butter smooth. $95 shipped

YYR Acrophobia (pink) SOLD


Acrophobia is sold! Everything else is still available.


Bump. Everything is still up for grabs

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