FS: One Drop, Duncan, YYF

Prices listed are Shipped. CONUS only. Take 5$ off every additional yoyo bought in a bundle.

From Left to Right

Row 1:

Reduction 28$ some small marks but plays smooth

2sick Gecko 35$ some minor marks

Spinmaster X SOLD

C3 Radius Nexus SOLD

OD fat tire 37$ On HOLD
Row 2:

yoyoking ghost bimetal SOLD

2sick Blitz 35$ some dings as shown

yoyo friends Magpie 40$ has some dings but plays smooth

Hotdiggidy 20$ Some minor damage but plays smooth

OD Rev 40$ some minor marks but smooth

Row 3:

iYoyo veritas 25$ has dings but plays pretty smooth

CLYW manatee Salmon 40$ apparently a fools gold but incredibly smooth

C3 Accelerator 30$ some marks but plays smooth

Throwcafe Matcha 45$ Some dings but plays smooth

Separately pictured:

yoyoformula d4 LED light up yoyos 10$ each or 15$ for both


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