Collection Clearing : One drop Turning point , C3, yoyorecreation ,and much more

Hello ,

I took an overview photo let me know if you have any questions as to which one is which . Please add 5 dollars to the price if you are only buying one yoyo . if you buy more than one I will eat the five bucks. Friends and family is preferred , but goods and services is fine if you pay the fee.

I am not interested in shipping international , so please do not ask . CONUS only.

Rain City Kills Deluge - 60 NMTBS
Turning Point Entangle - 100 - NMTBS *sold
YoyoRecreation - $55 NMTBS
One Drop Top Deck - $75 NMTBs small knick
YOYOrecreation Onslaught - $110 small defect on poly ring does not affect play
Dressel Designs 5050 hybrid - $40 NMTBs
C3yoyo Radius 7068 - $40 NMTBS
Unparalled Coglite - 55 small scratch on landing zone does not affect play
c3yoyodesign Krown ST - 110 NMTBs
Unparalled Motif - 80 NMTBS
Spintime El PResidente - 50 small mark on rim lays smooth still
Dressel Designs Monarch - 40 small mark on rim *sold
Modern yoyos - Melatonin -25 NMTBs




Good morning everyone updated the list one drops are hot and went fast still a lot available

Interested in the hydrogen crash, pm

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Bump cleaned up thread with what is left .

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Bump bump , Post office is closed today , but pln on being there tomorrow . Hit me up for anything you are interested in .

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Bummmp bummmp hit me up for your yo-yo needs .


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Bump .

Hello buy the rest of my yo-yos please LOL

Booooper pooper

bump , dropping some prices

@Hojo-YoYo 50/50



hit me up yall


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Bump , I have revised, still some goods left.

hit me up !


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