FS: Modded Duncan FH2, friction stickers and rubber spacers

This Duncan FH2 has been modded to accept a flowable silicon response system. The silicon is clear so it’s hard to see in the pictures but it is in there. There’s one tiny scuff mark on the edge of one side but otherwise they are in excellent condition. If you are a dyer, this white FH2 is a blank canvas for you to let your imagination run wild on. Included in the package are 11 friction stickers and 2 rubber spacers. I don’t really have any pricing expectations so make me any offer! PM me if you have any questions.


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Old school! I love it! :heart_eyes:

Back then everything had to be modded to get it right.

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:blush: A blast from the past hiding in the back of my drawer!

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Bump! How about somewhere in the $8-$9 range? (delivered) Make me an offer!

Bump. I don’t really have any pricing expectations, make me any offer!

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