FS: MIB Sebby Peak, MIB 28s Battosai, NMIB fg Wooly Marmot, MIB 09 severe

Okay everyone, I am only looking to sell these yoyos (unless you have a rare BvM) PAYPAL ONLY and prices are shipped. They are as followed:

MIB 09 YYF Severe - red acid wash w/ 4 clear replacement caps and 4 white replacement caps. This yoyo has been thrown one time and plays amazing. Very long spin times and very stable.
$70 SOLD!

MIB 28s Vsnyyc Battosai - Very very smootaxh throw with long and stable spin times.

MIB CLYW Peak -Sebastian Brock Edition - There is nothing you already don’t know about this throw.


NMIB Fools Gold Washed out Team Edition Wooly Marmot - As far as i know, the only reason it is fools gold is because of the color. It plays just like all of the other WM I have played and personally, I think the color is ridiculously sweet. Has one tiny pin prick through the ano.

Just shoot me an offer and we can see if we can work something out. Thanks!

dude how much are those? where do u live? duude?

Would you take a G5 no Z stacks a few scratches and $30 for the peak?

would you take spyy pure star grade and 50$ for the peak?

Actually I’ll buy the peak

Ehhh, kind of old kids…

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If the PEak is still up for grabs i would like to take it.