Wooly Marmot + others. FS

I’m selling off most of my collection. I’ve been out of the game far too long to know fair prices on these yoyos right now. If you see something you want message me an offer and if I think it’s fair the yoyo is yours. I can get more pictures as well but heres whats for sale.



Popstar, Severe, “I”
GONE, Rozzor, Yuuksta
OG Project, GONE, equinox.

You should post names of the yo’s… what’s the top right hand corner yo, and the bottom middle? Also if u please just tell me prices of each individual throw I can let u know which ones I want. I pay cash and look for good bundles of throws please just let me know

Bottom middle is a Peak

Named them for you, but I didn’t list prices, I don’t have prices for any of them.


what’d u add?