OK here’s the deal I’m buying a new MTB and it ain’t cheap and these throws of mine hasn’t seen action in a long time. I live in Australia so shipping will cost a bit more but that’s OK I’m willing to pay half of the shipping if you buy two or more. No trade please and most of my yoyos don’t have bearings (don’t ask me why) so I’ll lower the prices of the throws that don’t have bearings. Do note that the only way of transaction that I use is Paypal.

Shipping Prices:
For US buyers the shipping price for a normal air mail is $10.50 while registered post is $23. If you live in another country other than the US contact me for a shipping quote.

Send me a PM if you’re interested.

Here are the yoyos:

28 Stories Sasquatch (near mint has a tiny 3A scratch)[Sold]
28 Stories 2nd Gen Peak (near mint has 3 tiny pin size pricks near the edge of the rim)[Sold]
Hulk Smash Peak (has some scratches + dings but not beat){On hold}
Team Edition Wooly Marmot (has ano flaws but mint)
Fools Gold Nugget Peak (Beat) [Changed my mind I’m holding on to this one]
Red Engraved Wooly Marmot (has about 3-5 tiny pricks on the rim)
Palli Puffin Gnarwhal (has a small ding and 2 scratches)
Black w/pink speckles Gnarwhal (has a 3A ding that I cannot find)[Sold]
Team Edition Gnarwhal 1st run (has scratches)
Blue w/green splash Bassalope (Really beat)
Wolverine BvM (has a normal 3A scratches)
Half red half Blue YYF Edition BvM (has normal 3A scratches)

888x (beat no stacks, I think its broken too)
Wavelength Superstar (beat no stacks, axle thread broken)
Red Wavelength Severe 2010 (sanded rims and few scratches)

Purple RT (mint)
Green RT (has a few tiny dings)
Purple Positron (has 2 pricks) [On hold]
Gold RT (has a tiny prick)
TPxCrucial Yoyo (has some scratches and a axle problem)

Raw V2 Stargazer (mint) [Sold]
Green 2011 Clash (has 2 ano flaws)
Purple Messiah (has a scratch)[Sold]

Punchline Repeater gold & black acid wash (1 ding, 2 pricks and a scratch)[Sold]
1st run Ronin (has a dent that I can’t find, bought this one off Ed himself)

Anti-Yo Bapezilla (near mint)
General-Yo Essence blue (got some dings)
Werrd TFL 88 Groovy Raw Edition (few scratches and dings)
NSco Green Aurora (sparked)
Hspin Icon (has a scratch)
ILYY Sakura (mint)
3YO3 Bass Line (has 2 dings)

2 Novus one Gstring(raw) and a ILYY

Send me a PM if you’re interested and offer up. No trades.
Thank you for reading my post O0

I have feedback on another forum and I’m willing to let these yoyos go for cheap!


how much for your marmot?


do you still have the Palli Puffin? I’ll pay you big for it.

and are you sure you don’t want to trade? my B/S/T is in my signature


Hey, I was wondering how much you are asking for the bape. Thanks.


what r u asking for for the gnarwhal and the clash

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