FS/FT: YYF, Duncan, YYJ, Anti-Yo

(gee_) #1

I’ve got:

Yoga Flame Genesis- $70
Original Blue Superstar (hub centers stuck on posts)- $70
Tyler Severance’s old Eetsit (fixed, slight pad recess, no tuning needed)- $140
Paul Han’s old B.S.P (chaz pads and kk, plays smooth, no tuning needed)- $280
Purple FHZ w/White Caps Siliconed- $35
Black FHZ w/White Caps Stock (1 pink savedeth cap)- $20
White FHZ w/Blue Caps Siliconed (smoothest FHZ I’ve ever owned)- $30

Only things I’ll trade for are:
MVP (Blue>Green>Purple>Other)


Why is the Eetsit so much? it was 85 dollars right out the package when it first came out…


Ill buy the eetsit if you drop the price enough

(gee_) #6

Got it from Tyler. Means a lot to me. Has a lot of history.


Just out of curiosity then, why is paul hans old bsp only 280? And you looking to trade anything for the eetsit?

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