FS/FT: YYF, Duncan, YYJ, Anti-Yo

I’ve got:

Yoga Flame Genesis- $70
Original Blue Superstar (hub centers stuck on posts)- $70
Tyler Severance’s old Eetsit (fixed, slight pad recess, no tuning needed)- $140
Paul Han’s old B.S.P (chaz pads and kk, plays smooth, no tuning needed)- $280
Purple FHZ w/White Caps Siliconed- $35
Black FHZ w/White Caps Stock (1 pink savedeth cap)- $20
White FHZ w/Blue Caps Siliconed (smoothest FHZ I’ve ever owned)- $30

Only things I’ll trade for are:
MVP (Blue>Green>Purple>Other)

Why is the Eetsit so much? it was 85 dollars right out the package when it first came out…

Ill buy the eetsit if you drop the price enough

Got it from Tyler. Means a lot to me. Has a lot of history.

Just out of curiosity then, why is paul hans old bsp only 280? And you looking to trade anything for the eetsit?