First off I’d like to say since many of you either can’t read or simply choose not to: NO TRADES.
I have for sale several rare yoyofactory yoyos and one extremely special anti-yo.  NO TRADES, and paypal only.
All pictures may be found HERE:

OH yeah, and

Red/Pink Eetsit
-Re annodized by Vendetta, re lasered so it still has the anti-hearts on the hubs.
-ENDED.  This means it is schmooved and silicone recessed.
-Some flat spots from beadblast, nothing bad
-No anti-yo vibe, plays as smooth as a YYF.

Purple 07 HIGBY 888
-Straight from the factory, hardly thrown

Pre Pro 07 888
-Straight from the factory
-A lot of scratches.  It was in a bag with other things and got scratched up a bit, nothing too major and no dings.  Play is not affected.

Miguel Correa Worlds 2010 Colorway GENESIS
-Green/Blue w/ new graphics
-Perfect condition
-Straight from the factory

Steve Brown 2010 Severe
-Straight from the factory, Mint

09 44 Clash Severe
-Black w/ white caps
-A few dings, still plays great

Pink Primo
-No grooves like the first release
-BRIGHT/HOT PINK!  Honestly I’ve never seen a pinker yoyo.

-Blue/Purple Acid Wash

Again, all pictures can be found here:

Once again for you all who have some random metal yoyo you want to trade me;

I’d prefer an email if you are interested, send me one at
Thanks everyone,
Aron Bendet


if i am not mistaken that was going for a little over $90 at worlds brand new…


I’m i’m not mistaken you can’t get this colorway anywhere else…


i actually know of a few sites that still have a few

(system) #10