LOWERED PRICES: Rare YYF sale, 07 888s, 3rd run 401k, Japan Primo, MORE


I am extremely fortunate to have received some extremely rare and incredible yoyos, but as much as I’d love to keep them, that isn’t why I have them.  There will be no trades accepted, absolutely none.  If you PM/email me regarding a trade, I will kindly ignore you.  Prices are not negotiable, and I’d prefer NOT to group them together for a lower price.  These sales will further support my love for cinematography by helping me buy more equipment to make the videos you love, and more.  Big things are in the works, and money is something I’ll need to make them happen.  Here is what I have.

Please note that all yoyos mentioned are in MINT condition, if it includes a box it will be mentioned, some do not, HOWEVER I have plenty of yoyofactory boxes I can place the yoyos in if desired.  Please read the descriptions for each yoyo very carefully.

Aussie Gold 07 888, Highwall - Less rare than the previously mentioned 888, but still not easy to find.  I have thrown this ONCE, and it plays better than any 888 should.  A truly remarkable yoyo.  $120.  No box.

All Purple Higby 07 888 - All Purple, no blue half.  Thrown once, plays fantastic.  Too good.  Breathtaking laser engravings, Higby’s art is truly incredible.  $120.  No box.

3rd Run WHITE 401k - Yes, 3rd run.  The 3rd run 401k was never released to the public, but instead was sent to any customers who had problems with their second runs.  The third run is the most rare, and most well playing 401k made.  The color is white, Tyler told me it’s an Espionage.  $120, no box.

PINK Primo - Japan ONLY release, not available anywhere else.  Completely mint, in the package.  Never been opened, never been thrown.  The color is absolutely stunning, I’ve never seen anything like it.  $120.

Steve Brown edition SEVERE 2010 - Completely mint in the package, never been opened, never been thrown.  The laser work on this yoyo is crazy.  Such a neat looking throw.  $110.

That about does it.  All pictures should be available here:

If the link isn’t working, please send me a PM or an e-mail, though I’d HIGHLY prefer an e-mail.  Also direct all inquires about purchasing to my email at aronbendet@gmail.com

Thank you for your time, I can’t stress enough how much I want to sell these (and how much I wish I didn’t need to). 
Aron Bendet

Yer 888s are purdy.

duncan metal zero 2 for anything? or yyf pocket change or both for anything?

he said no trades dude

The asian 888 is gone.

dude really? not to be offensive or anything, but hes got some really nice rare yoyos here. its kindof an insult it just try to offer up these yoyos. plus he said no trades sooo…

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Prices lowered.

aussie - save 30$

higby - save 30$

401 - save 80$

severe - save 15$

primo - save 30$

100$ + Yoyos + no trade.
That sounds outrageous dude
Duncan Metal zero 2 + Pocket change is like 50$ at the most
oh yeah also wher eare all the 888s :frowning:
i see a weird red gold 888 but thats not the aussie gold 888 :o