fs/ft yyf, adeagle, yyj and more

Hello everyone I’ve decided to sell a lot of my cheaper throws so i can thin down the collection. all the prices are negotiable and i will do trades.Pm me if interested.
the throws are:
yyf Gfunk
yyf Roll Model
yyf Shaqler Star
yyf Popstar
yyj Destiny
Adegle Astroid
Shinwoo ZanNavi
Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine

along with some freebies to sweeten the deals.

yyf Gfunk, has one nick and a couple scratches the scratches are barely noticeable and none of these affect play.-$30

pics of scratches and dings

yyf Roll Model, mint conditionbut has a little vibe.-$50

yyf Shaqler star, mint.-$20

yyf Popstar, two small flat spots that dont affect play.-$10

pic of the bigger flat spot the camera couldnt pick up the smaller one

yyj Destiny, mint other then some scuff parts on the metal that would come out if you cleaned it.-$30

Adeagle Astriod, mint.-$5

Shinwoo ZanNavi, some small pinpricks on the rubber thats it.-$5

Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine, mint except for a ding on the rim doesnt affect.-$20

the ding

And the freebies to sweeten the deal.

Pm me if interested.