FS/FT Yuuki Quake/LOTR 888, C13


[s]Like the title says, I’m interested in HG yoyos. I mainly want a Black Gold (they look cool) but really any HG yoyos would be great. I only have 5 right now (2 SFHGs, 2 Relics, K-os Extreme)

Anywho, offer up! Depending on what you have I’ll either be willing to do a trade or a sale.[/s]

My Yuuki Quake 888 is for sale or trade. It has red dice stacks and somebody before me apparently sanded a line on the edge of the rims. It has a few marks but nothing major and is dead smooth. If you for some reason needed to take the hubstack bearings off, one of them will be pretty hard to get off, but it’s on just fine. EDIT: Pics are here. Also, I realized that it’s actually a half Yuuki Quake, half Lord of the Rings 888, and is indeed B-grade. Still butter smooth though.

Also, I am selling or trading my C13. It’s mint but played and can come with the box. It’s the black with red splash.


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Hey, would you be willing to sell your c13 for 65$-70$? (Don’t Pm me, I wont be able to respond)



Kei, maybe. Got anything to trade?


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Kei, I’ll sell it to you for $70.

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Ah man! I am so sorry. I already bought something else. So so so sorry bro. Also my parents don’t want be to buy expensive metal.

Again so so so sorry.


I now hate you forever. >:(

Naw it’s cool. Lol.


Yuuki 888 Price




What do you want for the 888, because I have some good trades.


Oh sorry. I forgot to update this. Yoyos have been sold. Thread moved/locked.

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