FS/FT - Yoyofactory Tactic (BAC 2010 edition B-Grade)

I have this Yoyofactory Tactic (BAC 2010 edition B-Grade) that I got last year. It throws perfectly like any one of my other ones. Its in perfect condition! no scratches or dents etc. I dont use it much because i am not a big fan of small yoyos, so its just sitting in my case. Still has the stock yyf size c bearing.

YYF Tactic Stats:
Diameter: 50 mm / 1.97 inches
Width: 38 mm / 1.50 inches
Gap Width: 4.6 mm / .18 inches
Response System: 888 Sized K-Pad or Small Bearing K-Pad
Weight: 66.5 grams
Bearing Size: Size C Large SPEC or Size A Small SPEC

I am really looking for a trade for a regular sized yoyo, but will sell also. I bought this for $40.00 last year and like i said, its in perfect condition. Ill sell it for $30.00 with shipping.

Looking for YYJ