Traded yoyofactory Tactic

For trade is a yoyofactory Tactic. It is purple with a blue splash, and it is the large bearing version. It is not a b-grade. The tactic is in great condition, and only has 2 noticeable scratches, but no dings. It is very smooth and grinds well, too. I tried to take a pic of the biggest scratch, but my camera sucks. also comes with a skull cw. Or with 15 strings, paypal only.
Looking for (in good condition):
Big Deal of mighty flea verson 2 (must have extra string!!!)
888 (any)
skyline (any)
Maybe others, just offer metals only (mainly something with hubstacks, but does not need)
PM me with offers, the worst I can say is no.



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Free bump for tactic awsomeness.