Small rounded butterfly yoyo?

Is there any good rounded butterfly shaped yoyo that plays fast and around 50-52diameter?
It’s ok that if a yoyo with that specs will come soon

I have wooly marmot and 888x

Thank you!

You know, the other week, I saw a guy throwing the YYF Tactic. This model had gone totally under my radar as I did not even notice it in my searches before. I loved it when I saw it. Small and butterfly shaped. A good weight too, 66.5 grms. Check it out, maybe you will like it too.

Any other yo-yos?

OneDrop 54, SideEffects are total awesomeness.

  1. Speechless of reasons.

the boss is also very good.

about the 54 i know its awesome but i want a bit bigger width like the marmot. ;D

The 54 isn’t small, it’s a full sized. I’ve never tried one, but if you want a small butterfly yoyo, the 54 isn’t really that.

yeah lol i think even that ithere is no yoyo with that preferences atm but will be in the future not 20 years but soon i hope :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one i am trying to trade,31419.0.html