Need help finding my next yoyo

Hey everyone
My first post ever. So after years of being away I decided to pick up throwing again. I met up with my brother and he showed me his old a yoyo factory tactic. I really enjoyed playing with it and was wondering if anyone knew of anything similar in shape size and feel? Please let me know what you guys can thing ok

Hey and welcome! The shape of the tactic (Diameter: 50.12mm
Width: 37.56mm) is really reminiscent to either the Yoyofactory DNA (Diameter 55.37 mm Width: 40.61 mm), or Edgeless(Diameter 55.97 mm Width 45.13 mm), but those are large C Size bearings.

Another yoyo that fits the shape at least would be the Freehand One AL (Diameter 56.00 mm Width 40.25 mm) by Duncan which also comes in a small A size bearing.

Here’s the problem, all the ones I’ve listed are larger in diameter wise than the tactic. At least they’re all close weight wise give or take a gram or less.

Good news is that the Freehand and Edgeless are still in stock, but unfortunately not the DNA at the moment. Just in case you wanna try looking on the BST, I haven’t seen a DNA for sale in a while though so you could still try asking around.

I hope this helps, if not then forgive me.


I never played the Tactic, but it’s similar shape to a lot of yoyos I like. I would recommend either the Skyline or MYY T9 which are both sub $20, so you wouldn’t even have to break the bank to enjoy a comeback. MYY T9 is 51mm / 38mm / 68g. Both designs are more rim weighted than the Tactic so they won’t play the same as the Tactic obviously, but the shape, size, and specs are close.

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