Fs/FT Krown, Aman M10, Diamondback, DNA Rare SPYYs

Lots of great things for sale/trade

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Draupnir (Anodized versions only)


Arctic Circle 2
Gnarwhal 2
Puffin 2

Irony JP

Deadly SpINS:
PRIDE (Both Versions)

Anglam/Anglam CC


For Sale/Trade

Here is the link to all the Pictures. ONLY OFFER ON THE ITEMS LISTED IN THIS BST!!!

YYR Blink:
Has a bit of damage 3 scratches and lots of tiny nicks all around that do not break the anodize. Tuned pretty smooth. No vibe on the finger nail test. $91 Shipped SOLD

C3 Krown Silver w/ Pink & Blue wash:
Probably the best C3 yoyo I have ever used. Shinya did a great job with this one. I was not aware that this yoyo may need tuning if you open it. The previous owner kept the KK bearing that it was supposed to have, so I installed a Center Trac bearing and tuned the yoyo myself, it is currently dead smooth. Has tiny nicks all over. $126 shipped

General Yo Model 10 (Aman Edition):
Has no damage, comes with original box and string. This one is a B grade for vibe, but majority of the vibe can be tuned. It is currently tuned to that near A grade status. $91 Shipped

General Yo Majesty (Purple Mountain edition):
This one is an unengraved A grade. I confirmed it with Ernie. DEAD smooth. For those that don’t know this majesty came out with the first run of 7075 Majesties. The Purple Mountain editions were made of 6061 Aluminum are slightly lighter than the 2nd run Majesties. Personally, this version is my favorite of the many majesties I have Owned and tried. it has on scratch on the white splash that you really have to look for to notice it. $126 shipped SOLD

SPYY Beta Pistolero:
Has the six shooter holes. Has a couple of pinpricks and a small vibe. These are pretty hard to find. comes with the original box. $96 shippied

SPYY Radian (Hyperion edition):
This spyy has some pretty interesting engraving on the inside, and has a unique look in general. Has pinpricks all over. $65 Shipped.

SPYY Pro: Pink/red wash:
Has a bunch of scuffs and a few flat spots. No major damage, and is pretty smooth. $56 shipped

I’m not the biggest fan of yoyofactory products, but I’ll have to admit that this one really surprised me. The DNA is pretty floaty and an excellent player! In pristine condition. $61 shipped

YYJ Diamondback:
This thing is pretty beat. Has quite a few dings and flat spots, it has vibe. If you’re looking for a great player that you don’t have to worry about keeping mint, this is the yoyo fr you. $41 shipped


Everything except the Draupnir is still available.

Bump draupnir is gone

How much for the CLYW Gnarwhal?

Majesty is gone still have the blink, Krown, model 10, Dback, DNA, and SPYYs

Blink sold