FS,FT Gung fu, 09 44 clash severe, freebird, and red jensen kimmitt superstar

Gung fu 2nd Gen green inner area with white body has a small scuff offer

09 44 clash severe, about 5 dings offer

freebird white with blut caps perfectly mint b [/b]

red jensen kimmitt superstar
has no axel i am getting a new one for it soon has a little damage around the bearing seat from removing a bearing Offer
CLYW sasquatch green with brown wash type thing has one small pinprick anno defect b[/b]

Offer away the worst i can say is no, pictures will be up soon.

15 for the PGM? since it doesnt have stacks but I can not pay any higher than 20

No im sorry i just got a pgm in a trade and now i need both of them for 3a

Would you do a Mint Pink acid wash SuperStar for the Genesis, or SuperNova? Thanks!

i would love to but i am trading for a superstar tomorrow with a friend but if i the trade doesnt work out with my friend i will get back to you ;D

Thanks Man, let me know. :wink:

I have a Yuuksta with like only one small scuff that you cannot feel, but if you throw it hard, and it is lopsided, it snags. That only happens when you try to grind, but play is great. Would you be willing to trade it for a G5 or Pyro?

I want that 09 severe and the Superwide. Would u do my royal darkmagic signed by andre boulay and comes with an andre boulay yoyoexpert card and also signed by him.
http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,28381.0.html pics are right there

I will also offer my Blue with yellow hubstack superstar. Its mint except for the bearing seat. So
09 severe and superwide for Superstar and Royal Darkmagic. If you dont will you want my Superstar for something? Also i dont really know how much i could pay for 09 severe so tell me ur price and ill think about it. Thank you

hugo z hor for raptor and the Duncan takeshi recessed intrigue FHZ or Pink with Teal splash yyf DV888 with the raptor.

How bout a used Dark Magic II (few minor bangs, does not affect play) and either a YYF Northstar (few rim scuffs from hitting grass ) or a YYF Starlite(mint with box) for the pink and Teal Splash dv888 or the Red YYF g5?


what would you give me for the lot of that?

i would give you nothing, i dont need another xbox