For trade/ For Sale: Bombsquad Genesis, Superstar, Skyline, DV888, PopStar.

I’m not really trying to get rid of these throws I just want to see what I get:

Bombsquad Winston Genesis
Mint, Orange with Blue splash never played with.
I want at LEAST what I paid for it, so 110+
I really want a CODE1 for this.
best current offer:124$

Blue YYF Superstar
Few marks, none break ano 'cept for one or two.
Great player.
50 OBO

Blue with red splash YYF Skyline
From the latest run, two bad dings, a slightly stripped axle half(from using smaller axle that was put in unintentionally by YYF, happened to quite a few of them from what I’ve heard.
Plays great, just a bit too small for me.
Five bucks for stacks one lime green, one translucent red.
40 OBO
Best current offer: MIB Jazz Yo Regulus

Aqua YYF DV888
Few 5A scars. Quite a few pinpricks on one half, and on of the cups has seen better days.
Still plays amazingly.
Probably going to be a deal sweetener.
20 OBO

Half green half purple YYF Popstar
Two bad dings. Great undersized.
Teeny vibe.
couldn’t hurt to pop in a new bearing.
15 OBO

XCube SteamRoller near mint :3
It’s got about three or four scuffs, a few pinpricks near the catch zone, and this weird dent thing near the rim.
It would’ve been worth 130$ mint, so 100$?
I’d rather trade though.
Looking for(specific, so I’ll trade in your favor, probably ship first):

Cherry Blossom Dingo
Red and Purple Cherry MVP(will make it worth your time)
Engraved Wooly Marmots
SLEIPNIR and GOD TRICKS DESTINY take everything.
Looking for (Vague so I might want some string, or CWs, maybe an FHZ at the most):
One Drop
Offer Seriously…

Mint is preferred. :wink:

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i have a nvx for trade

I will never buy any of your yoyos.

I love you too, Chris.

upon the completion of a recent trade, i will have a throwback genesis +,and a bright pink SB bassalope, i have lots of excess string, and i will be happy to get rid of all of my CWs as to erase all those bad memories of 5a :stuck_out_tongue:

interested in the monster.i can is it compared to a superwide?





i want that gensis. get me pics when you can!


Can you send me pics of the skyline & superstar