FT: CLYW, YYF, C3, Duncan

Hey guys. Im putting a few more up for trade.
Send me any offers, I prefer trade and please dont
lowball. Thanks,


CLYW Avalanche - Blizzard - MIB

C3 Capless - Purple with Pink Acid - near mint

YYF Genesis - Gray with Blue Splash - a few scuffs but cant feel them

YYF Dv888 - Red - near mint

YYF Dv888 - Gray - few pin pricks

YYF PopStar - Green - matching white marks on each rim, cant feel them

YYF WHIP - Ann Connolly Edition - Mint

C3 Token - Black with Pink Speckle - Mint

Duncan Metal Drifter - Raw, Sanded, Silliconed - smoother than mint, may need a new bearing

ULTRA SUPER RARE Subway yoyo - 200$ - GONE


Code 2 - Black
Ten YoYo Wet Whistle - Black
Other black yo-yos
Other offers

Misleading advertising. Thanks for being that kid.

Probably should’ve put the duper in there…

Yo how much for the Genesis or the DV 888?

60 (comes with three colors of stacks), and 30