(Joshhh) #1

everything is priced to move, so i want some fair offers on these.
Paypal preferred.

General yo MAGNUM- 1 of 2 pre pro, no nickel plating, few scratches in the paint, no dings in the actual metal, the magnesium is also very clean on it. i would like 170$ for it, but feel free to offer what you think is fair.

Jensen Superstar- red, AWESOME, have trans red stacks few scuffs, no dings or scratches- 75$.

General Yo 5 star. rare as you know, half light green, half dark. couple small marks. 75$ OBO

NYYR- PSP, black, older version, works fine, i just don’t use it. 40$ if anyone wants it. comes with charging cord and whatever game i can find (i think i have like, brotherhood of the blade or something)

CASH MUCH PREFERED. i use paypal.

ONLY trades i would consider: 2010 severe, avalanche, supernova.

(LookAYoYo) #2

so you are throwing around $170 worth of reactive metal without the layer of nickel that protects it from the moister of the air? is there some coating?

also, nice 5 star ;D

(Q) #3

Might steal that 5star in the near future, if you have it.
Maybe that Superstar too.

Any trades?
Doubt it, but might as well try

(Joshhh) #4

i don’t throw it. i keep it in a sealed ziploc bag with lots of silica gel decissants in the least moisture exposed place in my house. in a box in that room also.

the 5 star might be sold tomorrow. offer me on it.

the superstar i might trade. i might trade anything for a good offer Q :slight_smile:

(Jamesofyoyo) #5

You were suposed to trade me that prepro Fury to me. You said you’d tell me when you got it, and then you would trade it with me. I put that yoyo on hold for you for like a month. Please PM me about this.


Why did you say you traded the P2, so you couldn’t trade back? Also, I know you have that genesis somewhere. Not cool, bro.

(Joshhh) #7

the p2 was pending at that point. the trade never went through. the gensis was traded for the fury listed here. if you question that PM djmatz. that’s who it went to.

(Jamesofyoyo) #8

So am I gonna get my Fury I’ve been waiting for?


Well you said you already traded, I can quote you on that.

this whole trade kinda went down the hole.

(Jamesofyoyo) #10

Umm… I’m really confused right now. We had a deal, Joshhh ship me his Fury, and then I ship him my RecRev. (scince I have more feedback) I’ve held it for him for like a month, and I’ve PM’ed him frequently asking him if he got the yoyo yet (cause he said he’s waiting for it to come to his house cause it’s being shipped to him overseas). And he kept on saying no, and he will tell me when he gets it. Now, I really have been looking forward to my Fury. I don’t really know what’s going on, but please clear this up for me Joshhh.

I was just PM’ed by Joshhh, and everything seems good now. Forget what I said. :slight_smile:

(system) #11