FS/FT: CLYW, Good Life Gulch, Slam Dunk, FTY, Duncan Roadrunner, more

Need to sell some nice yo-yos, so hopefully each of these are of interest to someone here. Most are mint/new/barely used with no damage except as noted on a couple of them. Boxes that I have are in the picture (if it’s not pictured, I couldn’t find it or don’t have). I’ll cover shipping for anything priced over $25. If you’re in Southern CA, you’re welcome to come by my workplace (M-F) to check out in person.

Slam Dunk $90- (mint)

YF Peregrine SOLD
Good Life Gulch $50- (mint)
FTY PV44 half-swap $65- (mint)

CLYW Big Dipper $20- (mint)
CLYW Boy $85- (plays smooth but has edge damage - see photos below)
Zeekio/Recess Quiz SOLD

Top Yo Silenus SOLD
Good Life Valley SOLD
Atmos Cloudberry SOLD

Duncan Big Fun $10- (nmtbs)
Duncan Roadrunner $25- (perfectly smooth but very light scuff on one edge see photo below)
YYF Replay Pro $10- (good shape, no damage I can see)

MYY Node $10- (mint)
MYY Variant Blue $15- (nmtbs)
MYY Variant Black $15- (nmtbs)

Custom Reactor (1990s version/Fixed axle) $30- (nmtbs)
BMT Six Shooter SOLD
Yoyo King Dr. Smalls $15- (mint)

Recess First Base $18- (new)
I bought two of these because I thought I’d set one up unresponsive, but never did. Would trade for SF PLSTC.

These two are trades only
Unprld Coglite (mint) will trade plus cash for green Coglite in same cond
Spinworthy HDPE with OD hardware will trade plus cash for a recycled rainbow HDPE Spinworthy with engraving

Other trades I’m interested in:
Tourney Green, Barracuda X, Summit, Chief, Wish


Boy and Roadrunner ding/scuff detail:


Somebody snag that Derti. These aren’t going to pop up very often.



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Messaged about the life

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PM’d about the BOY and Silenus

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Would you ship to Alaska?

Don’t see why not. Is it more expensive? Send a PM for what you’re interested in and we’ll figure it out.



Yo are you in Ak? I’m in anchorage

Buy boy?

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