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Hello everyone, I bought the Addiction and BvM at the 2009 Bay Area Classic and traded for the Bully. All yoyos are great throws and it kills me to sell em but I need the dough. Sorry im not interested in trades. But PM me with any questions if your interested or just want to know a little more about these yoyos. Thanks guys!

Might trade for a General yo 5-Star

Bully is all Black with some marks on it- $50 shipped
Rec Rev- Bad Rep 1st run- pink- has some dings- $60

BvM Green w/Blue splash-$90

$90 shipped

Addiction All Black- So beautiful- make offer

More pics coming soon…


I want the addiction. how much for it.


I believe the engraved BvM’s are Bgrades, i suggest you lowe the price if that is so, i bought a near mint a grade for 60…

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Thanks for the suggestion but this B- grade plays perfectly. It just has an anno defect. My asking price is just what im asking, im always open negotiation. So if anyone wants to offer me less than what i am asking hey are welcome to do so. And I paid $80 for the BvM and I wouldnt advertise it for less than i paid.


would u sell addiction for $90?

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