LF: CLYW, one-drops, half of your red face/black rimmed boss

Hey, I am looking for basically any kind of clyw. peaks, marmots, bvm’s, basselope…I have yet to throw a clyw, I basically have only thrown yyf’s and like 2 yoyojams. I just bought an addiction off of a guy and I realized that I need to expand my horizons.If anyone has any kind of clyw with a few dings, mint in package, or btho (beat to hello operator), then let me know. I am mainly looking to by, sorry but I prolly won’t take any trades unless you have a team edition or a 28stories. In case you have either of these, I will give up any of my yoyos:

kentaro superstar
purple rain genesis
red/black splash boss
spyy addiction (would really hate to let this go, but for a TE or 28s plus give you cash)
pgm 2
counter attack

I will also trade half of my red/black splash boss for half of another boss (I really want a red face/black rimmed boss). I would trade my plastics ( I have a shinwoo looper, too) but am mainly looking to purchase. Thanks for any offers, I will consider anything. The only dumb offer is an offer never offered.

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ill take the boss for 50$ it sounds to low i know so bargain with me and could i see a picture of it

DUDE what a coincidence, about six months ago I bought the LAST red center/ black rimmed boos from theyostore.com go the youtube, and look up the user hubstacker, or if you search boss in youtube, a picture of a yoyofactory primo will appear, that’s mine, it’s a little beat up, but plays great

It’s a year old thread, I highly doubt he still is looking for them. PM him next time and ask instead of bringing it back up.

I have a 95 percent mint green and blue Y-Factor. Ill sell it for 50 bucks.

He is checking it.

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