FS cheep yyf


I have CLYW and yyf for sale . Prices do not include shipping.

clyw purple ombre Kayak mib-sold
clyw Borealis angry squirrel mib-SOLD
yyf replay THROWDOWN mint-10
yyf daydream green good but black spots on rims do not effect play-10
both plastics for 15$ ship world wide

trade plastic’s with any hubstack/ z-stack yo-yo or a for trade any condition. plastics together is 15 ship world wide

looking for I might trade both for…
any- hubstack yoyo including a cheap magic yoyo
feel free to ask questions or to ask for pics


last bump will trade replay and daydream for a first base any condition or a grind machine or still for sale. Borealis and kayak gone



Please adhere to our one bump per day rule. Thanks.


looking for to buy in no order
clyw-glacier express!!!
clyw-wolly marmot og
clyw- chief
clyw-puffin og
od+clyw-wolly Morkmont

thank you

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