FS: Bully, Wedgie, X-Calibur and MFHZ NYYR: Great Condition Jeans

(Jesse) #1

I’ve got a Bully, Wedgie, X-Calibur and a good playing MFHZ.

They are all great players.

The Bully is in alright shape, it’s a Raw Proto 2nd Generation. It’s got some scratches and scuffs, but nothing big.

The Wedgie is a Raw Proto 1st Generation. It’s in the same condition as the Bully.

X-Calibur is semi-satined, everything is satined but the sides. Great for grinds and thumb grinds. A few very small dings, scratches, and scuffs, but in general OK condition.

The Metal Zero is in alright shape. It’s got a great response set up in it so it’s totally unresponsive. Plays great, just a little heavy for me. A few scuffs/very very small scratches.

Or PM me to see if I’ll be at a contest, and we can trade there.

Pics available upon request.

I can’t really ship these, so here’s the deal. They’re for sale OR trade (I’d rather sell), but you have to be in the Northern Delaware area, or have to have the ability to get to Yoyojoes Yoyoclub at 4:00PM on a Saturday. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I really don’t play these throws so they should have a good home, and I can only trade them there.

On an NYYR note, I’ve got a bunch of jeans on ebay. Here’s the link:


(Jesse) #2

I know it hasn’t been 24 hours but the jeans on ebay are almost done!

(system) #3