FT: 2nd Gen Raw Proto Bully and Metal Zero LOOKING FOR LYN FURIES!!!

(Jesse) #1

I’ve got a BBYY Bully and a Duncan Metal Zero. Yes, you read right, the Metal Zero is awesome.

BBYY Bully:

This is a 1 of about 30 2nd Gen Raw Prototype BBYY Bully. It has some sort of pads in it, and it slips a tiny bit on binds, but other than that it plays perfect. I got this directly from Doug and he said it can accept flowable silicone, but I doubt it could. It has several super small scratches, but you can’t really tell because it’s raw. No dings at all, very smooth. It’s an amazing yo-yo, the only reason I’m trading it is because my hands are small and it is a little too big for them. I’m not even sure I want to trade it, I just want to see what I can get. PENDING

More pics if needed.

Duncan Metal Zero:

More pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/39210033@N04/

This is the BEST Metal Zero that you will ever play with no modding. Great for 5a. It has a very small set of scratches, but you can’t see them under the glare in the pictures. Don’t affect play. Other than that there are very small scuffs along it, barely visible. It has one Duncan Silicone sticker for response, very very great. It is completely unresponsive on breakaways, and on regular throws it will only come back if you pull it REALLY hard. Cleaned bearing.

Lyn Furies for the Bully
Mongu Freehand Zero for the Metal Zero (I want it to be recessed, but it doesn’t HAVE to be)


(Mitch Ginder) #4

Xconvict? Only if you will trade the counterweights that come with it

(Jesse) #5

Pmed (well, soon)


I have a mini motu, xconvict, hot shot and a hayabusa. Would you take any of those for the metal zero??

Let me know,


im pretty sure its gone, i dont remember seeing it last time we met

(Jesse) #8

Nope I’ve still got it, the other guy just hasn’t PMed me back for 2 weeks…


i can trade a moded throw monkey with silli recces a bit of a high wall and schoomve rings and satin finish i all so have a modded freehand its a clear with a cool fade yellow paint job its also satin and has a silli reccess high wall and schoomve rings pm me if interested.


$15 for the metal zero?


i’ll trade my lyn furie for any of those like the proto bully and whats the first yoyo

thank you

(system) #17