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Im looking to trade a couple of my yoyos

1.Hitman double o-ring-MINT, one cap off ( doesnt affect balance ), plays very smooth… NO VIBE- OFFER UP or $35

2.DIE NASTY- MINT prob 2 throws on it,Realized it just wasnt my fave so its time to go,NO VIBE, comes with stock center trac,-OFFER UP or $15

3.Counter Attack -MINT, no vibe, dont see these Blue/Gold combo around much-OFFER UP or $30

Ill throw in some string and comes with clean bearings;Also counter weights are $1 for a 5 pack

Hitman for metal zero?

No thnx, Thnx for the offer though 8)

Metal zero mint come with duncan die and highlight twist!

No thnx im not a fan of the friction stickers and the small bearing

legacy fer dienasty pm me

Counter attack for metal zero?

Forgot to add tiny scratches on rim and little vibe! But like that with all the metal zeros!

dude just face it. he probobly doesnt want to trade for a metal zero. he already said he doesnt like pads and the small bearing, now it has scratches and vibe.

You have no room in this!


Dude. Understand the facts. He doesnt want it. Now shut up.


Made a decision?

are die-nasty’s good for 1a?

I would say yes but i like them more for 5a because its plastic and u dont get counterweight damage.

Its real floaty for 1a but the center track in it the sleep time is pretty decent for a plastic.

post some pictures?

a dm that is not mint for counter attack?

Hey did you make a decision? Freehand zero and freehand for the hitman? My dad said no to the metal and freehand! Sorry, but yeah pm me your message!

He already did, and people are telling you to shut up. He said no.

It was a fhz and freehand not a metal zero!

dude it doesnt matter. he doesnt want it move one