FS: Anti-Yo's, Sili-Recessed Dert, Groovy Lady, more!

Hey everyone, long time no see. I just made an account on yoyoexpert, but I go way back to the theyo.com/YYN days. JHB can vouch for me.

For Sale:

Mint Anti-Yo Fluchs. Mint condition, maybe 1 hour of spin time.


Great Condition Anti-Yo Business, KK Bearing


YYF Mighty Flea

- $70 shipped

Silicone Recessed Dert

- Dead Smooth, my favorite throw. Probably won’t sell unless it’s a great offer. Good condition, satin finished, polished cups.

Blue Ano Werrd Groovy Lady

- $80 shipped

Sorry for all the “Best Offer” tags, I just don’t know what stuff is worth nowadays. I’ve included a photo of all of them, but if you want specific shots, let me know and I’ll send you a few more.

Paypal Only.

Trades: Mint CLYW (would love a peak, would consider Marmot/BvsM), Eetsit/Bapezilla/End, Oxy 3/4.


Crap, forgot to post the flea, will throw up a photo if anyone is interested.


Fluchs and Business Sold!

Really flexible on the rest of the stuff, offer up!