Anti-Yo and OneDrop inside! Good deals here!



The copper on this yoyo has sadly been stripped out of the cups, but it still plays really well. The Side Effects are brass Ultra Lights that I put stickers on, they can be removed if you want. The bearing is a 10-ball flat that came with the Recess Weekend. 1 scratch on the copper, but none of it breaks through to the ano.

$110 shipped

One Drop Valor

This has 2 scuffs on one side, and a small scratch on the other side. Very insignificant vibe, bearing is a V-cut that came with the YoyoWorkshop Armament.

$70 shipped

Thanks for looking! Not looking for any trades right now, sorry.


how is this gem still around!
someone snag this




Bape2 sold, new stuff up!

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